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Subterranean workers are nearly indistinguishable from drywood workers.Formosan TermitesThese termites are native to China and are considered the most damaging insect in the world. Found mostly in the southern countries, Formosan alates have furry wings much bigger than their tan bodies. Unlike other termite species, the alates are not drawn to light.

Most pest control agencies are not capable to handle Formosan termites, which have shown a higher resistance to chemical and non-chemical treatments alike.Due to their aggressive nature, experts warn against trying to combat Formosan termites yourselfpest and pest control agencies are limited to confirming sightings.Termite Biology and Social StructureTermites live in a caste system very much like ants.

When you see a termite, if winged termites or ground termites, knowing which kind it is will help identify whether you have an existing or potential infestation.ReproductivesTermite life begins and ends with the reproductive caste, consisting of male kings and feminine queens. Also known as alates, the reproductives will depart their colony for a single mating flight.

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Within a few minutes of taking flight, the alates will set off and mate. They then land, shedding their wings, and begin the process of laying eggs an dbuilding a colony of termites.Alates are attracted to light and might often be found congregating around light fittings. They are a visible signof an infestation.

However, in subterranean species, the larva is assigned to a caste, whereas in drywood species, the larva becomes employees who then develop into other castes.WorkersWorkers are the main threat to your property. These juvenile termites are the ones who eat into the wood, turning it into cellulose meals which is then shared with the rest of the colony.

It's generally not possible to identify the sort of termite depending upon a worker, as dimensions and other aspects may vary.SoldiersSoldiers are distinguishable with their large mandibles. Their job will be to protect the colony from invasion. The fact that soldiers can neither replicate nor harm wood on their own can make them look harmless.However, if you are dealing with soldiers, go to my blog then you are also dealing with a colony nearby.

Knowing these differences will let you determine which is invading your home:Ants have bent antennae, while termites have straight, beadlike antennae.Termites possess an elongated abdomen.Ants possess a tiny triangular section known as a pedical between their thorax and abdomen.The front and rear wings of a termite are approximately equal in size and shape, whereas the front wings on an ant are much bigger than the hind wings.How to Locate Termites: Conducting a Termite InspectionWhether you guess or have confirmed that a termite infestation, it's essential to perform a thorough inspection and follow up with treatment.



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An expert should generally carry out an inspection. But there are some inspections you may perform yourself.When hiring a professional, be sure they have a good reputation, as some inspectors have been known to indicate treatments which are more intense than necessary.Termite Bonds/WarrantyA termite bond is a particular service agreement between a termite company and the homeowner.

Termite bonds are important, since most pest control agencies do not handle termites.Termite Inspections for Home PurchaseA termite inspection during real estate transactions will run between $65 and $100. If the inspector finds no signs of termite activity, they will often sign a certificate stating your home is termite-free. This is known as a Wood Destroying Insect Report, or a Termite Certificate.The report has two parts outlining measures which are needed to protect the home, in addition to any potential issues discovered.

A one-year connecting warranty may also be necessary, which will cost between $279 to $359. Termite Inspection CostUnless your home is currently part of a real estate transaction, most pest control agencies will inspect your home at no price. But in case a Wood Destroying Insect Report is necessary, it is going to cost you $100. What Are the Signs of a Termite InfestationIdentifying a single termite or even a few termites might not be enough to prove an infestation, as these insects are a vital part of the ecosystem and may have been transported in from nearby wooded areas.

These winged termites are very likely to swarm around a light source, like flying ants or moths. They will look similar and a normal person will not be able to tell them apart.Discarded Swarmer WingsTermite swarmers dont maintain their wings for lifetime. Once they lose their wings, they will start to search for areas to construct their new nests.If you see little piles of lost swarmers wings on window sills, on the ground or captured in spider webs, then there may be a termite colony about to begin or description one nearby.Mud Tubes, Subterranean termites build mud tubes used as links between their food source and the colony.

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